Tasty holidays in Central Asia

Today I’ll tell you an interesting mix of cultures in the culinary expression – Central Asian cuisine.

Everyone is familiar with Asian cuisine (Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, etc.), but my interest today is different. If you are traveling in Uzbekistan, Kazastan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and even in Russia, you will taste the cuisine of Central Asia. This kitchen is very rich in traditions and recipes, the principles of serving dishes, that are transmitted from generation to generation.

I note that the recipes have common parts: meat, rice, dough and vegetables. Here are some of them:

Uzbek pilaf

Uighur lagman

Uzbek Dimlama

Kyrgyz Shorpo (Shorpa, Shurva, Shoorba, etc)

Almost all drink tea and although his homeland is China, however, the tradition is preserved in almost countries.

Good holidays can not be without good food so I suggest you try new dishes!


I really love autumn, not because everything is so beautiful, but for one special day…


Saturday 31th is coming, it is time to choose an original dress and to buy a pumpkin! I like to celebrate Halloween, for brightness, colors when people are fearful and walk on the streets. In my family this holiday is not particularly marked, with the exception of making sweet pancakes and pumpkin dishes, but with friends during many years we go to theme parties and participate in a competition for the best and original carnival costume. Young people like me create some original and interesting costumes, and my favorite was Maleficent. It’s so easy to surprise everyone with a dress and makeup.

Actually, I think it is a very interesting holiday, and I would particularly like to spend this day in China. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll do it …

Love of Culture

Although I was born and grew up in Russia, I do not really belong to their nationality. It is true that the impact of Russian culture and education was pretty big on me, but Asian traditions of our family were also not forgotten. We celebrate variety of our Chinese holidays, such as Chinese New Year, Moon Festival, Lantern Festival and Russian holidays at the same time

Living among those various traditions, there appeared a special love of exploring different places where they are practiced locally. So as soon as there was a chance to travel, I just go for it!

For any Chinese girl like me, number one topic to research, learn and love was Exploring Silk Road, the great route, which was originally started in China…